Saturday, December 24, 2011

Frugal Communications !

I have been through many different cell phones and have had a phone since 1991, just over 20 years.......I had a stick or large candy bar phone when many had "car phones" (phones bolted into their cars).  My first phone I paid over $400.00 for and if I remember I paid $30. dollars a month and around .32 cents a minuet for any and all calls. I had every month at least a $200.00 phone bill. But it was cheaper than an office.

Over the years I changes plans and company's many many times over......I have over the last 10 years used cheaper per-paid plans when it became known to me that I could pay for just what I need and save a bunch of money over the years.  I have always talked as much as I wanted but used these plans paying more per minuet.........but still over all saving dollars.

In the last 6 years I used T mobile, per-paid and decided to change and port my number over to Straight Talk from Walmart. I pay $45.00 a month and get unlimited talk, text and data....but I am bared from anything more than I think 3 gigs a month of data use. It is working for me and I think I am saving almost $600.00 a year.........I never have overage charges and I talk all over the US.  This is all I could want and the ability to tether my laptop computer for data needs.  Please take some time and Google these two Pre-Paid plans. Or PLEASE feel free to click my add supported advertisers. Thank you Don

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