Monday, December 5, 2011

I just was told I am in with Google adds on this blog.........

Alright !  I hope to make this blog work for me as well as you the viewers......I want to talk about the ways I am, making my life changes to better be able to enjoy my life work on things that I am interested and in and not just go to work.. First to do this you need to have a mind set.....I have that....I do not want to punch a time clock !  I want to work on projects that interest me and I hope draw you the viewers in and I hope to make a few buck to fund part of MY RICH FRUGAL LIFE with add dollars. I have been on a journey for the last 2 years. simplifying and evaluating my life and the way I was living it..........I had to change things to make it better. I had to make hard changes in my life to keep what works best and drop what is not working and has become more of a burden than a blessing.

If you found yourself in a place and space one day that you just were not enjoying anymore would you make the effort to change and go forward into a life with the hope of a welcome future or remain in a life that had become stale and reminded you of thin soup. I was that guy. I wanted less to manage and more options in my life. Freedom to change when I want. work at things that I liked doing not just for the money but because I was good at it and it interested me.  This is the day I was told that my account had been approved and it is up to me to build content now that is of interest to you if your are reading this. if you enjoy campers, vans, the out doors, working for your self not the boss all the time. if you want a simple life that pays rewards not measured in Dollars but in pride, freedom and respect for yourself and the life you can live if you follow along on a road that may become filled with ruts and pot holes along the drive, but I will hope to add how I was able to drive around these pitfalls and I hope live MY RICH FRUGAL or as close to free as one can live in these times. Thank you and I will up date this blog with video and photos Tuesday ! 

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