Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Rich Frugal Life # 0001

One project I am building to be able to travel and camp with for work as a TV producer and to enjoy Boon-docking on FREE BLM land in Arizona to visit with The Snow-Birds who Flock there to winter on the cheep but living well and FRUGAL.
My Rich Frugal Life, is a new blog I am building to post and explore life from this day forward. I have lived a life I have enjoyed and I am now from this day forward going to try to enjoy it even more. I have worked hard and long hours. I have enjoyed my work as a TV producer working in Community TV, Public Relations and Government Affairs. I still want to work but I want to enjoy any of the work I chose to take on. Life is short and turning 52 in a few days, my life is shorter than perhaps yours.  So with that fact in mind I dedicate this blog to growth, exploration, achievements and wonder at the time we all have left in our life.  If you are younger than me, I hope to gain wisdom from you, if and when I can offer words of my own experience I hope you will find them helpful even if as a humorous moment and a junction point to follow your own path down another road.

I would like to take a few moments to list for my self some of the subjects I would like to explore for my own interests and to better understand how they may be used in my life to better it. to free up time, money and the effort it would take to do with out these items. In many instances these items will be alternatives to what today in out society we take for granted as the only way to get our water hot or to have electrical power. How we "should" deal with transportation, how we nourish our bodies. how we work and relax. what we do when we allowed the time to spend out time not working.....Most of us eat the wrong things, sit in front of the TV and isolate our self from the people around us. Many people only talk to others in their life in short bursts of unnecessary chatter that is neither informative or relevant to either of the people in the conversations.

I am going to plug in some buzz words that I hope to explore and begin to understand if I do not already. in doing this I will share what I learn and hope that we all can learn more about these subjects. These are some of the subjects that I have heard and chose not to pursue but am now going to attempt to learn about.

Here is the list: Alternative Power, Living Green, Off grid, Solar Power, Grid Tied Solar and Wind Generation, Battery Banks, Renewable Resources, Renewable Energy, Home Made Power, Renewable Electricity, Water Power, Homesteading, Boon-docking on BLM Land for Free. Tiny Houses, Small Homes, Small Houses, Small House Big Homes. Life Lived, RV's Alternative Dwellings, Re-Purposed Living Spaces, Loft Living,Full Time RV ing, Early Retirement, Baby Boomers, Active Retirement, Re-Careering, Stop Working, Frugal Retirement Living Garry's Blog, Cheaper Living Bob's Blog, Simple Solar Homesteading Lamar's Blog. Simplify, Simple Life, Simple Work, Craftsmanship, Bio Gas, Bio Fuel, Ethanol Power, Eco Travel, Green Work, Green Power, Green Living, Home depot, Loews Home Centers, Harbor Freight Tools , Simple Tools,  Power tools for life.

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