Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Frugal way to live in retirement or to work and save money would be to live in an RV, a Motor-home or a Camper. When many people think of living in an RV they think of a rusty trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks. This can be the case or you could travel and work camping in RV Resorts with Swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts and golf. You can spend well over 200,000. K on a new deluxe brand new Motor-home, you could purchase a used Motor Coach from someone who traveled a few years and now is done with this Frugal life style and their loss on deprecation and interest paid is your great frugal gain.

I have had a few truck campers, a few converted cargo vans and now I have a deluxe luxurious class A motor home I paid next to nothing for. No deprecation, no interest payments and I paid much less than what it was worth, I think anyway.  I purchased what once was the state of the art and the best Motor Home you could purchase in 1969. This same RV Class A was owned by stars like Lucy, Johnny Cash and John Wayne. They all used these coaches on set and to have a comfortable home away from home when working.

I paid next to nothing for a truck frame with what I call a Condo on wheels. My plans are to paint the outside and redo the interior with quality materials and not drive it across the country so it will not need to be a in top mechanical shape, road wise. If I use it in summer parked at a Lake in the North West, as a summer home base and close it down for the harsh winters, I am well ahead of the game. I pay a simple auto registration each year and enjoy a lake side cabin, condo for the cost of a parking space in a rustic RV lake side retreat.

That is what My Rich Frugal Life the blog is about !  I hope to document these projects and illustrate the way thinking outside the box can help you also live now and not slave away for years and never enjoy your life.

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