Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When you think of camping do you think of grandads old cloth tent and a cast iron frying pan on the fire?  Think again, comping equipment has changes over the years and you would be shocked at the new Sleeping bags adn camping clothing that are available today. No longer do you have to go the Army Navy Store and purchase used old wool items when new high tech. materials are made to accommodate the new camper with a range of price points to outfit the back yard first night out to the wilderness trip of a life time.....It all can be done Frugal and cheep as well as enjoyable for the whole family. Weather you want to stay in a tent, a tent camper trailer or a camper.....all the way to a motor-home......camping is getting away. Camping is slowing down enjoying the weather, the family and friends in the wild or at a camp site.

How ever you get there you will be comfortable in your camp if you think ahead and plan for the weather and the safety of your campers. Pleases look back and I will post another page with three basic camp plans from the novice to the world trekker camper and traveler. Log in and follow this blog for more Frugal Hint tips and adds for the things we like to use in the woods and around the home. Thank you.

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