Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This blog will be about living life with out selling your soal to a job you hate. I hope to point out ways I have managed to beat the need to go to a job every day. I did for years and understand that many still do and will give their life away, day after day to make money to support a life that they think they are required to keep up.  A life that they would be lost with out.                              

I do not want to live on nothing, but I do not want to work for little or no return. We all have time and are sold into slavery to a company that wants us to believe that the only way to enjoy time off is to earn work over time to pay for it. Oh ya and to have enough credit to be able to sneak away and pay for the Air fair and the hotel then come back to work to pay it off with interest and overtime. All taxed to the max.                                             

I have decided to opt out of the traditional and build my own MY RICH FRUGAL LIFE, and share some of what I am doing here.Please follow along and subscribe so you will see the updates and explore the mindset behind my less traveled road to a rich less stressed life with time to read. to sleep in to work hard at what you enjoy and to live a life not work it away. Thank you for looking in. Don

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