Thursday, March 7, 2013

Walmart Cheap Food Haul!

I have not posted here in a long time. I did a shopping trip to our new local small Walmart and wanted to share my Rich Frugal Life shopping.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back To Work On This "New" Blog

I am goung to jumo back in and begin work hete and on a few other new blogs, to be determined. Wondering if anyone is around and reading this. If not I will find readers. I will be asking for yoyr input and interests in frugality. Please chime in.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frugal Quiche Dish. Quick cooking for a hearty good meal on the cheap. You will need  Ham, Eggs, Potatoes and Cheese !

Simple Frugal meal that will feed four, six or more smaller kids for a total cost of about $3.00 total ! This is an easy healthy meal you can make with the items depicted or with other left overs from your fridge. It is an easy and Quick Quick Quiche that you can have on the table in about 25 minuets !

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If you see an add for a frugal item on this blog please support it by shopping with them. Thank you !  Frugal Don

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Frugal travel and computing on the road, Cell phones, Net Books and Tablets Rock !!!

When big road shows come to Spokane, I work with the stagehands union to bring in the gear and set up the cameras, projectors and video walls. For the most part the multi-tattooed roadies who sleep and live out of a coffin sized bus bunks and hotel rooms many of whom carry a backpack that holds a NET-BOOK rather than a NOTEBOOK computer. These Net Books are equally "tatted up" with paintings, cartoons and stickers from the road. These small sometimes under a few hundred dollars NET-BOOKS are making life better for the roadies as they travel so far away from home.

I have built many computers over the years, some very zippy (a few years ago) to do video editing on, when I ran a TV studio. I am comfortable dealing with a computer sales person. I tell people I know not to take what a sales person at the Big Box Computer, stores want to sell you. I want them to understand what they need first. If your goal is to just surf the net, send and receive email or just watch a movie on the net then a Net Book will do the job and is an even greater value. Many Net-books are under or just over $200. bucks.

One draw back people point out is that Net-books do not have a CD-Rom or DVD drive. If you need a CD player/recorder or a DVD player/recorder you can take one out of your old machine, go to a thrift store, find one on Craig's List or eBay and then place it in a $20 external case that you can plug into the net book with a USB cable.

I have a larger Laptop, I travel with and will be getting a new NET-BOOK, to extend my travel reach and help me drop a few LBS on the road. So do what the Rock N Roll Roadies do, use a net-book, save money and stay connected where ever you travel.

I do not have a tablet or used one yet.....I have looked at them and watched people use them and I would like one and will at some point maybe get one.....but for me the type-ability (if that is a word)the screen pad is not up to my requirements and preference needs. I do not want to mess around with a screen type pad. I need the keys under my touch. More when I try one out.

Cell Smart Phones, I have a Nokia E71 Smart phone with WiFi and 3G AT&T data connection. I can tether my Net Book or lap top to the internet with it. It works great and my service is with Walmart's Straight Talk Phone Service and I pay a FRUGAL $45. a month. For this connectivity and service you can not do better. I do not think anyway. Would you tell me if you could find a better plan than this I want to hear from you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

.99 cent store "Haul" Photos and list !!!

Hello I am frugal and I have never shopped in the .99 Cent Store.  I just began looking there to see what I could pick up without compromising quality for price. here is a Photo of a "Haul" I just got home and wanted to share this with you here on My Rich Frugal Life.  TAKE A LOOK !

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cargo Trailers as Movable RV Homes

I saw on another web site that the author was looking into cargo trailers as an alternative to building a tiny cabin on your land or even to use a rented lot as a home for the summer months.

I have looked at a few of the cargo trailers and think they would make a wonderful foundation as is almost and with a little camping gear from Walmart, you could move in and live comfortable in a pinch.....cheaper than renting and building a place at first.

There are some adds on my blog for a few trailer manufactures I would encourage you to look into and study the bargain way to get a roof over your head.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Frugal Life.....Putting off wants when they are not needs !

When I am thinking I want to pull my car off the highway and get a burger at a fast food place.....I need to slow down and ask my self if I need it or just want it.............most of the time I just want it.........thinking I need or......but when I stand back and think about all the high calories I rethink and stride harder in my work day thinking of the meal I can make with what I have on hand and can pick up if needed at the corner store on the way home.

Frugal Communications !

I have been through many different cell phones and have had a phone since 1991, just over 20 years.......I had a stick or large candy bar phone when many had "car phones" (phones bolted into their cars).  My first phone I paid over $400.00 for and if I remember I paid $30. dollars a month and around .32 cents a minuet for any and all calls. I had every month at least a $200.00 phone bill. But it was cheaper than an office.

Over the years I changes plans and company's many many times over......I have over the last 10 years used cheaper per-paid plans when it became known to me that I could pay for just what I need and save a bunch of money over the years.  I have always talked as much as I wanted but used these plans paying more per minuet.........but still over all saving dollars.

In the last 6 years I used T mobile, per-paid and decided to change and port my number over to Straight Talk from Walmart. I pay $45.00 a month and get unlimited talk, text and data....but I am bared from anything more than I think 3 gigs a month of data use. It is working for me and I think I am saving almost $600.00 a year.........I never have overage charges and I talk all over the US.  This is all I could want and the ability to tether my laptop computer for data needs.  Please take some time and Google these two Pre-Paid plans. Or PLEASE feel free to click my add supported advertisers. Thank you Don

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Very Simple Solar System

I am going to purchase another part of my My Very Simple Solar System, today and begin another blog that will parallel this Blog. The reason for this ALL NEW Blog, will be to focus on a Solar System that could help someone who is in a home, Small Apartment, Motor-home, boat or off grid in a temporary or more permanent situation. The new Blog My Very Simple Solar System, will be a documentation of the System I am building one part at a time and you can too one paycheck at a time. Today I am going to shop for a Solar Storage Battery. More later.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Frugal way to live in retirement or to work and save money would be to live in an RV, a Motor-home or a Camper. When many people think of living in an RV they think of a rusty trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks. This can be the case or you could travel and work camping in RV Resorts with Swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts and golf. You can spend well over 200,000. K on a new deluxe brand new Motor-home, you could purchase a used Motor Coach from someone who traveled a few years and now is done with this Frugal life style and their loss on deprecation and interest paid is your great frugal gain.

I have had a few truck campers, a few converted cargo vans and now I have a deluxe luxurious class A motor home I paid next to nothing for. No deprecation, no interest payments and I paid much less than what it was worth, I think anyway.  I purchased what once was the state of the art and the best Motor Home you could purchase in 1969. This same RV Class A was owned by stars like Lucy, Johnny Cash and John Wayne. They all used these coaches on set and to have a comfortable home away from home when working.

I paid next to nothing for a truck frame with what I call a Condo on wheels. My plans are to paint the outside and redo the interior with quality materials and not drive it across the country so it will not need to be a in top mechanical shape, road wise. If I use it in summer parked at a Lake in the North West, as a summer home base and close it down for the harsh winters, I am well ahead of the game. I pay a simple auto registration each year and enjoy a lake side cabin, condo for the cost of a parking space in a rustic RV lake side retreat.

That is what My Rich Frugal Life the blog is about !  I hope to document these projects and illustrate the way thinking outside the box can help you also live now and not slave away for years and never enjoy your life.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When you think of camping do you think of grandads old cloth tent and a cast iron frying pan on the fire?  Think again, comping equipment has changes over the years and you would be shocked at the new Sleeping bags adn camping clothing that are available today. No longer do you have to go the Army Navy Store and purchase used old wool items when new high tech. materials are made to accommodate the new camper with a range of price points to outfit the back yard first night out to the wilderness trip of a life time.....It all can be done Frugal and cheep as well as enjoyable for the whole family. Weather you want to stay in a tent, a tent camper trailer or a camper.....all the way to a motor-home......camping is getting away. Camping is slowing down enjoying the weather, the family and friends in the wild or at a camp site.

How ever you get there you will be comfortable in your camp if you think ahead and plan for the weather and the safety of your campers. Pleases look back and I will post another page with three basic camp plans from the novice to the world trekker camper and traveler. Log in and follow this blog for more Frugal Hint tips and adds for the things we like to use in the woods and around the home. Thank you.

My Rich Frugal Life

I saw an add for winter boots here and I thought I would talk about the need for good boots. I think many people think the need the best of the best and may be shelling out more than needed for boots that will never need to be as rugged as they are. If you want to blow snow or move from the car to the home or office....take out the trash or walk the dog........a Pair of well made  insulated WalMart boots may just do the trick. If you are hunting in Alaska you know what you need......but if you the driver of a crossover SUV going to the mall for a flannel shirt, think of you feet and your pocket book as if they are connected and save a few bucks.
This blog will be about living life with out selling your soal to a job you hate. I hope to point out ways I have managed to beat the need to go to a job every day. I did for years and understand that many still do and will give their life away, day after day to make money to support a life that they think they are required to keep up.  A life that they would be lost with out.                              

I do not want to live on nothing, but I do not want to work for little or no return. We all have time and are sold into slavery to a company that wants us to believe that the only way to enjoy time off is to earn work over time to pay for it. Oh ya and to have enough credit to be able to sneak away and pay for the Air fair and the hotel then come back to work to pay it off with interest and overtime. All taxed to the max.                                             

I have decided to opt out of the traditional and build my own MY RICH FRUGAL LIFE, and share some of what I am doing here.Please follow along and subscribe so you will see the updates and explore the mindset behind my less traveled road to a rich less stressed life with time to read. to sleep in to work hard at what you enjoy and to live a life not work it away. Thank you for looking in. Don

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Rich Frugal Life # 0001

One project I am building to be able to travel and camp with for work as a TV producer and to enjoy Boon-docking on FREE BLM land in Arizona to visit with The Snow-Birds who Flock there to winter on the cheep but living well and FRUGAL.
My Rich Frugal Life, is a new blog I am building to post and explore life from this day forward. I have lived a life I have enjoyed and I am now from this day forward going to try to enjoy it even more. I have worked hard and long hours. I have enjoyed my work as a TV producer working in Community TV, Public Relations and Government Affairs. I still want to work but I want to enjoy any of the work I chose to take on. Life is short and turning 52 in a few days, my life is shorter than perhaps yours.  So with that fact in mind I dedicate this blog to growth, exploration, achievements and wonder at the time we all have left in our life.  If you are younger than me, I hope to gain wisdom from you, if and when I can offer words of my own experience I hope you will find them helpful even if as a humorous moment and a junction point to follow your own path down another road.

I would like to take a few moments to list for my self some of the subjects I would like to explore for my own interests and to better understand how they may be used in my life to better it. to free up time, money and the effort it would take to do with out these items. In many instances these items will be alternatives to what today in out society we take for granted as the only way to get our water hot or to have electrical power. How we "should" deal with transportation, how we nourish our bodies. how we work and relax. what we do when we allowed the time to spend out time not working.....Most of us eat the wrong things, sit in front of the TV and isolate our self from the people around us. Many people only talk to others in their life in short bursts of unnecessary chatter that is neither informative or relevant to either of the people in the conversations.

I am going to plug in some buzz words that I hope to explore and begin to understand if I do not already. in doing this I will share what I learn and hope that we all can learn more about these subjects. These are some of the subjects that I have heard and chose not to pursue but am now going to attempt to learn about.

Here is the list: Alternative Power, Living Green, Off grid, Solar Power, Grid Tied Solar and Wind Generation, Battery Banks, Renewable Resources, Renewable Energy, Home Made Power, Renewable Electricity, Water Power, Homesteading, Boon-docking on BLM Land for Free. Tiny Houses, Small Homes, Small Houses, Small House Big Homes. Life Lived, RV's Alternative Dwellings, Re-Purposed Living Spaces, Loft Living,Full Time RV ing, Early Retirement, Baby Boomers, Active Retirement, Re-Careering, Stop Working, Frugal Retirement Living Garry's Blog, Cheaper Living Bob's Blog, Simple Solar Homesteading Lamar's Blog. Simplify, Simple Life, Simple Work, Craftsmanship, Bio Gas, Bio Fuel, Ethanol Power, Eco Travel, Green Work, Green Power, Green Living, Home depot, Loews Home Centers, Harbor Freight Tools , Simple Tools,  Power tools for life.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I just was told I am in with Google adds on this blog.........

Alright !  I hope to make this blog work for me as well as you the viewers......I want to talk about the ways I am, making my life changes to better be able to enjoy my life work on things that I am interested and in and not just go to work.. First to do this you need to have a mind set.....I have that....I do not want to punch a time clock !  I want to work on projects that interest me and I hope draw you the viewers in and I hope to make a few buck to fund part of MY RICH FRUGAL LIFE with add dollars. I have been on a journey for the last 2 years. simplifying and evaluating my life and the way I was living it..........I had to change things to make it better. I had to make hard changes in my life to keep what works best and drop what is not working and has become more of a burden than a blessing.

If you found yourself in a place and space one day that you just were not enjoying anymore would you make the effort to change and go forward into a life with the hope of a welcome future or remain in a life that had become stale and reminded you of thin soup. I was that guy. I wanted less to manage and more options in my life. Freedom to change when I want. work at things that I liked doing not just for the money but because I was good at it and it interested me.  This is the day I was told that my account had been approved and it is up to me to build content now that is of interest to you if your are reading this. if you enjoy campers, vans, the out doors, working for your self not the boss all the time. if you want a simple life that pays rewards not measured in Dollars but in pride, freedom and respect for yourself and the life you can live if you follow along on a road that may become filled with ruts and pot holes along the drive, but I will hope to add how I was able to drive around these pitfalls and I hope live MY RICH FRUGAL or as close to free as one can live in these times. Thank you and I will up date this blog with video and photos Tuesday ! 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Rich Frugal Life